One Mission, One Team


A Growing Global Workforce

Katerra’s team is growing quickly and chasing big goals. We are joining together from various industries with the common goal to help define new standards of excellence and spark transformation within the world’s largest industry.

A strong 21st century workforce is one that is global and technology-enabled. With locations already established throughout the globe, Katerra is committed to offering borderless career opportunities and building high-performing teams that are comfortable working with different cultures and digital communication and collaboration tools.

We know that good ideas can come from anywhere and that the best companies are born of diverse teams and a culture that encourages big thinking from everyone.  Learn more below about the vibrant culture and workplaces we are focused on building at Katerra. 

Katerra Cultural Principles

Our cultural principles guide how we treat one another, how we show up as leaders and team members, and what we stand behind as a company.

How we work together matters at Katerra. With a workplace that global and changing rapidly, we are taking intentional steps to build and preserve a culture that each one of us is proud to be a part of. 

Respect. Be patient and polite at all times, regardless of position or workload.


Value. Add to the top line, bottom line, or customer satisfaction.


Diversity. Different backgrounds, ideas, and skillsets result in better outcomes.


Trust. Assume best intent and that others will do their part.


Openness. Encourage curiosity and share information to build our collective knowledge.


Speed. Make quick decisions without fear of failure.


Balance. Be healthy and set your own boundaries.


Frugality. Work in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

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Diverse, Dynamic Workplaces

Integrated Corporate Offices

From our headquarters in Silicon Valley to coast-to-coast regional offices across the U.S., Katerra’s corporate offices reflect our vertically-integrated approach to delivering the most value to our clients and working as efficiently as possible. Design, engineering, materials, and construction sit side-by-side and work cross-functionally to deliver projects. 

Engineering Centers

Katerra’s engineering centers are located near hubs of engineering talent, ranging from San Francisco, CA to Pune, India. Engineering teams are focused on delivering great work to Katerra’s clients, as well as developing world-class technology and engineering solutions that will advance our vision of better, faster, cheaper building projects in the future. 

Sourcing & Quality Operations

Shenzhen is a hub of home goods manufacturing in Guangdong province and one of the fastest growing high-tech cities in China. Katerra's Shenzhen team handles all the sourcing, qualifying, and quality assurance of Katerra products.

Responsible for establishing the network of high-quality suppliers that we buy from directly, the sourcing team develops long-lasting relationships with global suppliers and works constantly to ensure Katerra's products and manufacturing partners meet our exacting quality standards.

Research & Development Labs

We are on a mission to digitize the construction industry, creating highly efficient, repeatable, and scalable processes. To further this vision, Katerra supprts robust R&D efforts at every level of the organization. 

  • R&D labs dedicated to development of cutting-edge products, platforms, and systems that can deliver high-performance buildings of the future. 
  • R&D assembly sites are co-located with our factories for real-time testing of product and process innovations. 
  • We partner with leading universities and mass timber experts to conduct acoustic, seismic, fire and strength testing of CLT products. 

Manufacturing Facilities

Katerra’s factories produce a wide range of building components and finish products, from the major structural components of a building including, walls, floors panels, and roofs to finish components such as windows, cabinetry and countertops.

Our facilities are custom designed using 3D techniques to optimize flow and efficiency, providing for future expansion to increase capacity or introduce new product lines.

The teams onsite at our manufacturing facilities bring together expertise in design, manufacturing, logistics, technology, construction, and more. Our continued investments in the most advanced manufacturing equipment, automation, technologies and systems give us the capability and capacity to manufacture the major structural components and finish products required to build 20,000 apartments per year, scaling to 60,000+ in the near future.

Field Teams

Representing an extension of our manufacturing facilities, Katerra's experienced, local field teams receive the components manufactured offsite in the factory and carry the job through final assembly and installation. 

Our Field teams leverage technology systems, such as RFID tracking of every product and component, that ensure greater precision, higher productivity, and more quality control on every project. 

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