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February 19 2019

Katerra Introduces Expansive Suite of New Products at Katerra TAKE OFF

Technology Company Continues to Redefine the Building Industry at Its First Product Launch

LAS VEGAS – February 19, 2019 – Katerra, a technology company redefining the construction industry, has unveiled a suite of new products designed to create efficiency and reduce cost at each phase of the design and building process. Katerra leadership announced the new products and provided demonstrations at its Katerra TAKE OFF event on February 18 in Las Vegas.

Katerra is using technology to impact every aspect of the $1.3 trillion U.S. building construction process, from materials to energy systems to software that manages the entire process. While most buildings are currently designed, planned, and constructed as one-off projects, they all have many standardized materials, labor skills, design components, and processes in common. This is where Katerra sees efficiencies and is applying technology to provide a competitive advantage.

“Progress won’t come with incremental measures—we are pursuing transformational change on a massive scale. Using the disciplines, processes, and hindsight of the extraordinary gains of the last several decades in electronics manufacturing, Katerra is putting modern technology to work at all levels of the construction industry,” said Katerra Chairman and Co-Founder Michael Marks. “The products we are introducing today demonstrate how technology can make building better, smarter, and more efficient.”

Katerra’s suite of new products includes:

·       Building Platforms – Katerra Building Platforms are designed for manufacturing and assembly. Integrated teams standardize core building architectural and engineering systems, such as wall and floor panels, casework, and bathroom and kitchen kits, and customize the final product with a wide range of configurable design elements. This approach offers the speed and risk assurance advantages of a repeatable product, while maintaining the design freedom needed to support customers’ unique needs, geographic demands, and market variations. Advantages of Katerra’s Building Platforms include compliance with 48-states’ building and energy codes, a complete bill of materials, and an efficient process that enables a faster path to early estimates, feasibility, permitting, dry-in, and more.

·       Apollo – This is Katerra’s software vision. Apollo is an operating platform with applications delivering persistent data so teams can better execute timely decisions as well as increasingly automate tasks. This software provides a source of persistent data with zero loss from program inception, across design, construction, and the duration of the building’s life.

·       Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) – CLT is a flat-panel engineered wood product that can serve as a system-based approach for floors, walls, and roofs to form a high-performance, sustainable and beautiful mass timber building of virtually any type. In Q2 2019, Katerra will begin operation of a new 250K-square-foot CLT manufacturing facility in Spokane, Washington, the largest capacity CLT factory in the U.S. The success and dramatic sustained growth of mass timber throughout Europe over the last 20 years reinforces and amplifies Katerra’s significant commitment to mass timber in North America.

·       Katerra Energy System (KES) – KES is an integrated energy platform that will replace the typical electrical closets in multi-family garden-style apartment buildings, hotels, and other building types with a single-enclosure appliance. KES includes power metering, distribution, and easy alternative energy integration. With a system built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data processors, KES determines the best sources to draw from, automatically shifting between power sources to find the most efficient, low-cost options.

·       KTAC – Katerra has developed a new vision for the traditional HVAC product. With an innovative configuration of the equipment, Katerra has reduced the footprint and improved the aesthetic design, while maintaining ease of installation. KTAC elegantly integrates into the architecture, eliminating its presence as an add-on product. Still a unit with cooling and heating in one compact package, KTAC fits seamlessly in the wall – with a height and depth designed specifically to fit into a framed wall panel.

·       Windows – Katerra Windows are designed with one goal in mind: to offer premium performance at an exceptional value. Beginning Q3 2019, Katerra will produce windows that offer the latest in advanced glass and window technologies at its new manufacturing facility in Tracy, California. Furthermore, Katerra is partnering with Kinestral Technologies to integrate its Halio™ smart-tinting glass, which can tint and clear in less than three minutes. With world-class manufacturing capabilities and an optimized end-to-end process, Katerra Windows can be delivered from the factory to the job site in just one week.

·       Bath Kit – Katerra has reimagined bathroom assembly by developing the Bath Kit product – designed to be assembled in less than a day by only two people. With this higher level of organization and streamlined, standard installation methods, Katerra can eliminate waste via misplaced or damaged product and reduce the amount of necessary labor.

·       KOVA – KOVA is launching with a line of high-quality interior fixtures and finishes, available to the entire AEC industry. KOVA includes every product needed to create beautiful interior spaces, more easily and cost-effectively. KOVA’s portfolio will continue to expand over time – adding additional finish categories and more.

Many of these products are being showcased at Katerra’s K90 project just outside of Las Vegas. The 24-unit garden apartment is designed to be completed in 90 days – 30-50 days less than the average project of this size. The project is on-track to be completed in the time allotted, and perhaps, even sooner.

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