Markets We Serve

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Katerra develops building systems for a range of markets and client needs.

We believe that every building shouldn't be a one-off prototype. Our unique approach to productized buildings and integrated global supply chain offers newfound quality, scale, and efficiency to residential and commerical building projects. 

Our end-to-end service model means clients no longer need to depend on multiple partners and vendors. From day one, we can provide greater assurance and transparency from feasability through project completion. 


A modern approach to living spaces.

Whether it's a single family home or a masterplanned community, Katerra's residential building solutions can help you strike the perfect balance between standardization and configuration. 




  • Multifamily
  • Senior Living
  • Student Housing 
  • Single Family
  • Masterplan Developments




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Scale up your business, not your costs.

Whether a factory, office space, or retail franchise, Katerra's novel building system and integrated project teams can design, fabricate, and assemble seamless, consistent brick and mortar experiences for your business. Faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

  • Commercial Office
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Industrial
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