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About the Project

This single family home of approx. 4800 m2 is the first CLT structure fully designed and built in North America. Dowling Residence made timber history in this country, as it essentially preceded the local CLT market by about a year and a half. Yet the project was completed as designed, with full commitment to fully integrated solid panel construction, with floor, roof slabs and all walls, both load-bearing and non-load-bearing all of CLT construction.

CLT panels were eventually imported from KLH in Austria. Owner Greg Dowling, senior partner at DGBK Architects, carefully and personally planned and coordinated the fabrication details and shipping of the panels, which arrived on site in open top containers in the most carefully orchestrated sequence. Greg was rewarded as the erection of the entire CLT package, form foundation to roof, was executed in only six days. This is all the more impressive that this structure, with its relatively complex and irregular form, was according to then KLH director Wolfgang Weirer “one of the most complex CLT project the (well established European) company had ever supplied anywhere”. 

Located on a steeply sloped rocky site in West Vancouver, the foundations consist of rock dowelled cast-in-place concrete, while the entire superstructure consists of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. Taking full advantage of the two-way spanning characteristic of CLT, the panels bear on slender steel posts, allowing full height floor to ceiling glazing and thin double cantilevers floor and roof overhangs with dramatic effect.

Location: West Vancouver, British Columbia

Architect: DGBK Architects

Client: Greg Dowling

Completion: 2011

Photo scredits: DGBK Architects