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About the Project

This very unique residence presented particular structural challenges due to the relatively long spans and complex geometry, in combinations with the very high mountain snow loads. The basement and first floor structure are of cast-in-place concrete construction. /the upper floor and roof above combine structural steel and engineered wood framing. Structural steel was specifically used to frame the roof over the exterior terrace area overlooking the valley to achieve thin profiles despite massive loading requirements.

Large lateral forces caused by the high gravity loads bearing on inclined supporting elements presented a particular challenge. 3D coordination between our office and the architect was necessary to ensure that all structural elements could be accommodated within the prescribed planes and volumes of the walls and roof.

The project is to high sustainability standard equivalent to LEED Gold.  

Location: Whistler, British Columbia

Architect: Patkau Architects

Completion: June 2013

Awards & Recognitions

2008 Canadian Architect Magazine Design Award